Introducing Boskoi

Boskoi is a free, opensource mobile app that helps you explore and map the edible landscape wherever you are. Named after the greek word for grazer or brouwser the app lays out a map of local fruits and herbs and allows users to edit and add their own finds. Made by the foragers at Urban Edibles in Amsterdam Boskoi is an Ushahidi-based app that comes with a few foraging guidelines.

Finds can be reported on this website or via the current beta app for Android smartphones.

Download the app
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  1. Be friendly: Ask permission if ownership is unclear
  2. Be generous: How much do you really need? Leave most for others (wildlife)
  3. Be alert: Beware of toxicity and don’t tread on other plants when picking
  4. Be careful: Only add locations that are robust and can survive limited foraging

Any additions to Boskoi will be reviewed. Endangered or rare species are not admitted.

How to Report
  1. By using the Android application on your mobile
  2. By sending an e-mail from other mobile phones to
  3. By filling this form
Boskoi is supported by the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds foundation